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Name: Bluefire

age: looks 25

apperance: Human-oid of somekind 6'3 Wearing Metallic armor that looks like Plate, eyes change color frequently, brown hair, slendar but toned and very strong, uses a Flame Sword that has Blueflames engulfing it when he chants for it to, and can control fire very well.

History: He found himself wondering in a forest one day looking for something, he didn't know what, but he felt he could be great eventually. As he approached the plains, he saw two men fighting as he hid behind some bushes. He watched them for a bit until he was noticed. The two men called him out, he decided to show himself for it was the honorable thing to do. "You look like a worthy warrior young man." The taller one said. "Raf, he's just a boy, we can't train him." "Grey, listen with the war coming up we need all the help we can get." Raf whispered into Grey's ear. Grey didn't approve as he morphed into his fox form and took off. "Don't worry about him, My name is Rafikyle and that was my co-leader Grey Fox. I am the leader of the Houktan Knight Clan (HKC) and I'd like for you to join us, uh what's your name." He looked at Rafikyle as he steped forward towards him and stumbled a bit as his knees shook. "I, I am Bluefire and I don't know where I am or how I got here." "Well Bluefire we welcome you and will shelter you, just so you know you can call me Raf for short." And there the bond was made Bluefires first and real family. Through the years Raf taught him many things as Grey pushed him away. One day Raf took him on a special journey where he met Vegeta. "Vegeta is the leader of Sayian Guardians clan (SGC) and our fondest allies, you will be staying with him for a bit, we have much to do." "Raf, will I ever see you again?" "I don't know Bf, I don't know." That's what Raf started calling Bluefire after so long, Bf. Raf left as a tear fell from one of his eyes as well as Bluefire's. "Blue, is it okay if I call you that Bluefire?" "It's fine." "We have much training to do, before you can join them, you know that right? Well this is Wildfire, our newest member and she is very strong." Blue's eyes widend when he heard there was another "Fire" he knew nothing of his birth mother or father and when he heard the name Wildfire he didn't know what to expect. Blue headed for the training grounds where he would fight Wildfire fot the first time. "I'm gonna whipe that smile right off of your face Bluefire." He smirks at her comment as the judge yells for the spar to commence. Bluefire starts with a flurry of slashes aiming for Wildfire's chest. She twirls around him as she then jumps up and begins a round house kick aiming for Bluefire's face. He hurdles to the earth and doesn't wake up for a long, long time. Once he does he moans as Wildfire stand over him, "I can't believe you're so weak." He smiles and says "I let you win." She begins to laugh. After several years, no sign of Raf, Grey or any other HKC member. Bluefire's skills have grown tremendously since Raf first brought him to SGC. "Vegeta, I thank you and your clan for all that you have done for me, but I think it's time for me to return." "I understand Bluefire, do what you must, and take my horse, she's the fastest in the west." He heads out and saddles up the horse, as he jumps on to leave, Wildfire appears in front of him. "I hate to see you go, but I know you think it's the right thing to do." She says very faintly as tears fall from her face, having built up a brother sister kind of relation ship over the years. "I want you to have this Blue." She hands him a black box and he opens it revealing a black and red rose. "We call it a wild flower back home, it will give you the ability to morph into something very powerful either for evil or for good, I hope you use it wisly." "Thank you, Wildfire, I'll never forget any of you." He strides off for the same spot he first saw Raf and Grey fighting, once he arrives he finds several men stnading behind a man on a black horse, the man begins to shout, "I am Cecil of DoOM, as their leader I claim your clan dead Bluefire." "How do you know of me and my clan, Cecil?" Cecil tosses a scrool to Bluefire, as Blue reconginsed it was the scroll which contained all the names of the clan on it. "I've had spies circling HKC for years, it's time to end this planet and everyone in it!" Blue bursts into tears as Cecil charges him, once Cecil is within reach he slices at Blue's throat, by the time Cecil's sword clashes with his throat Bluefire morphs into a giant and terrible black dragon. "This cannot be." Bluefire knocks Cecil on his arse as all of his men take off running never to be seen again. Cecil takes off running as well, after a short time the effects of the Wild Rose ware off and Blue returns to normal as he's found face first in the dirt. A new man finds him in this condition and brings him back to health, once Blue awakens he starts to speak, "who," Blue faints as this man for several weeks takes care of him. On a cold dark morning Bluefire finally awakens as his eyes open they begin blurry and then they come into focus. "Hello!" Blue shouts as the man comes waltzing in. "Finally your awake, what the hell happened to you mate?" "It's a long story, who are you and where am I?" "I am Clash and I am the Crystal protector. I see that your power is of fire, tell me, I have aided you for months by bringing you back to life can you protect the fire crystal for me?" "I thought you just said you were it's protector." "I am you see that title is misplaced, I find those who can protect the crystal of their inner strength, will you do this for me?" "I suppose, I can." "Great." Clash pulls out the crystal and hands it to Bluefire, Blue extends his hand and takes it as he places it over his heart the crystal fuses within him. "Ah, so you were the one for that crystal. Thank you very much, err what's your name?" "Bluefire of HKC." After that day Bluefire never heard from Clash again or even sought to, he constantly was searching for a survivor of his clan, HKC. Eventually he gave up on looking for any of the members of HKC and decided to remake the clan in his own image. He started meditating near a volcano, he fell into a deep sleep and several years later he is re-awakend in some labatory where he first meets Sting Chameleon. After their first, second, third, and fourth fight Blue declares Sting to be his ultimate rival and wishes to one day kill him as well as revive HKC.

Personalty: Very strong and intimidating, polite until provoked, as well as straight forward.

Weakness: Water, Ice (Only if the Ice is some kind of weapon that would melt when it comes in contact with his skin forming into water at this point.)

Weapon: Sword, name of Sword is Ban (no not trying to be like that of Bleech, named my Sword before I knew of Bleech)

Requested Class: Hero, Sword Weilder, Fire Caster


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